Altova XMLSpy 2024 Enterprise Edition

Method: GetExportElementList (pFromChild as XMLData, pExportSettings as ExportSettings) as ElementList



GetExportElementList creates a collection of elements to export from the document, depending on the settings in pExportSettings and starting from the element pFromChild. The function returns a collection of ElementListItems where the properties ElementListItem.Name contain the names of the tables that can be exported from the document. The property ElementListItem.FieldCount contains the number of columns in the table. The property ElementListItem.RecordCount contains the number of records in the table. The property ElementListItem.ElementKind is unused. UpdateXMLData() might be indirectly needed as you have to pass the XMLData as parameter to this function.


See also Import and export of data.




The object is no longer valid.


Invalid parameter or invalid address for the return parameter was specified.


Failed creating parser for the specified XML.


Export of element list failed.




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