Altova XMLSpy 2024 Professional Edition

To export data to text, carry out the steps below:


1.Use a TextImportExportSettings object and set the necessary properties.

2.Fill an ExportSettings object with the required values. See Item 2 in Export to database.

3.Build an element list with Document.GetExportElementList. See Item 3 in Export to database.

4.Call Document.ExportToText to execute the export.



objExpSettings = objSpy.GetExportSettings();
objExpSettings.ElementList = objImpDocFromText.GetExportElementList(objImpDocFromText.RootElement, objExpSettings);
objTextExp = objSpy.GetTextImportExportSettings();
objTextExp.HeaderRow = true;
objTextExp.DestinationFolder = "C:\\Temp";
      objImpDocFromText.ExportToText(objImpDocFromText.RootElement, objExpSettings, objTextExp);
  WScript.Echo("Error exporting to text.\n\n" +
                    "Error: " + (err.number & 0xffff) + "\n" +
                    "Description: " + err.description);



The JScript code listed above is available in the sample file ImportExport.js (see Example Files).

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