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Obsolete: Authentic View Editing operations

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When XML data is displayed as data in Authentic View, it is possible to manipulate individual elements using standard editing operations such as cut, copy, and paste. However, not all XML data nodes can be edited. So, in order to carry out an editing operation, first a property is used to test whether editing is possible, and then a method is called to perform the editing operation.


The only method that does not have a test is the method EditSelectAll, which automatically selects all elements displayed in the document.


The following is a list of properties and methods that perform editing operations. Each property returns a BOOL, and the methods have no parameter.




Editing operation


EditUndo, superseded by AuthenticView.Undo

Undo an editing operation


EditRedo, superseded by AuthenticView.Redo

Redo an editing operation


EditCopy, superseded by AuthenticRange.Copy

Copy selected text to the clipboard


EditCut, superseded by AuthenticRange.Cut

Cut selected text to the clipboard


EditPaste, superseded by AuthenticRange.Paste

Paste from clipboard to current cursor position


EditClear, superseded by AuthenticRange.Delete

Clear selected text from XML document


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