Altova XMLSpy 2024 Professional Edition

The IBM DB2 menu item rolls out a submenu containing commands (i) to register and unregister schemas with an IBM DB2 database (Manage XML Schemas), and (ii) to assign schemas for XML file validation (Assign XML Schema).


Both these mechanisms require that you connect to the required IBM DB2 database. For a connection example, see Example: IBM DB2 (ODBC). In this section the focus is on how to manage schemas in an IBM DB2 database and how to assign XML Schemas to a DB XML file.


Note:The Result Grid of the Database Query window provides important functionality for working with XML files in IBM DB2 databases. This functionality includes the ability to open files for editing, loading XML files into DB cells as XML files, saving these DB XML files externally, and assigning XML Schemas to DB XML files.


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