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Altova XMLSpy 2020 Professional Edition

Having come to this point in the tutorial, you will have a number of tutorial-related files open in the Main Window. You can group these files into a tutorial project. First you create a new project and then you add the tutorial files into the appropriate sub-folders of the project.


Creating a basic project

To create a new project:


1.Select the menu option Project | New Project. A new project folder called New Project is created in the Project Window. The new project contains empty folders for typical categories of XML files in a project (screenshot below).


2.Click the CompanyLast.xml tab to make the CompanyLast.xml file the active file in the Main Window.
3.Select the menu option Project | Add active and related files to project. Two files are added to the project: CompanyLast.xml and AddressLast.xsd. Note that files referenced with Processing instructions (such as XSLT files) do not qualify as related files.
4.Select the menu option Project | Save Project and save the project under the name Tutorial.


Adding files to the project

You can add other files to the project as well. Do this as follows:


1.Click on any open XML file (with the .xml file extension) other than CompanyLast.xml to make that XML file the active file. (If no other XML file is open, open one or create a new XML file.)
2.Select the menu option Project | Add active file to project. The XML file is added to the XML Files folder on the basis of its .xml file type.
3.In the same way, add an HTML file and XSD file (say, the Company.html and AddressFirst.xsd files) to the project. These files will be added to the HTML Files folder and DTD/Schemas folder, respectively.
4.Save the project, either by selecting the menu option Project | Save Project or by selecting any file or folder in the Project Window and clicking the Save icon in the toolbar (or File | Save).


Note:Alternatively, you can right-click a project folder and select Add Active File to add the active file to that specific folder.


Other useful commands

Here are some other commonly used project commands:

To add a new folder to a project, select Project | Add Project folder to Project, and insert the name of the project folder.

To delete a folder from a project, right-click the folder and select Delete from the context menu.

To delete a file from a project, select the file and press the Delete key.


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