Altova XMLSpy 2024 Professional Edition

Version 2022r2


An application-wide setting enables the pretty-printing of XML and JSON documents to be switched on automatically when these are loaded in Text View.

In the Options dialog, you can specify the default treatment of files when they are opened in XMLSpy. This treatment will apply to files which have an extension that is not among those for which treatment has been defined.

When generating sample XML documents from a schema, you can specify the nesting level up to which non-mandatory elements will be generated.

Conversion of an XML Schema to a JSON Schema now supports the definition of types within a JSON object. This is an alternative to defining the type by referencing it.

Images that are stored as Base64-encoded strings in XML and JSON documents can be saved as images. This feature is available in both the Text View (see for XML, for JSON) and Grid View (see for XML, for JSON) of these documents.

The Project Window now has a toolbar to quickly access frequently used project commands.

When you hover over an image file that has been placed in a project folder (of the Project Window), a preview of the image is displayed.

Eclipse support has been updated to the most recent versions: 2021-12, 2021-09; 2021-06; 2021-03.

Visual Studio support has been extended to version 2022 (64-bit).

Database support has been extended to: PostGreSQL 14.1, SQLite 3.37.2, MariaDB 10.6.5, MySQL 8.0.28.


Version 2022


Support for BSON schema editing.

For JSON Schemas of version draft-2019-09 and later, a schema component can both reference another schema definition as well as contain its own local definitions. This is different than it was in earlier definitions, where either a reference or local definitions were allowed, but not both. JSON Schema View has been updated for handling such extended references.

Whitespace handling has been improved.

Grid View has been enhanced so that when you scroll down a document, a header bar is displayed that will contain ancestor nodes of the node currently displayed at the top of Grid View.

Limits for the number of validation messages to display can be set separately for errors, warnings, and XBRL inconsistencies.

Exit mode options enable you to choose how unsaved changes and open documents are handled when XMLSpy exits.

In the XPath/XQuery Window, you can load/save XPath/XQuery snippets from/to an XQuery file. This provides flexibility in reusing XPath/XQuery expressions and snippets.

New Altova extension functions to access schema information: Unix Time (or Epoch Time) functions.

Database support has been extended to: PostGreSQL 13, IBM DB2 11.5, and MySQL 8.0.25.

Eclipse support has been updated so that it now covers the following versions: 2021-09; 2021-06; 2021-03; 2020-12.


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