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Altova XMLSpy 2020 Professional Edition

You can change the output by modifying the XSL document. For example, let's change the background-color of the table in the HTML output from lime to yellow.


Do the following:


1.Click the CompanyLast.xml tab to make it the active document, and make sure you are in Grid View.
2.Select the menu option XSL/XQuery | Go to XSL.The command opens the Company.xsl file referenced in the XML document.


3.Find the line <table border="1" bgcolor="lime">, and change the entry bgcolor="lime" to bgcolor="yellow".
4.Select the menu option File | Save to save the changes made to the XSL file.
5.Click the CompanyLast.xml tab to make the XML file active, and select XSL/XQuery | XSL Transformation, or press F10. A new XSL Output.html file appears in the XMLSpy GUI in Browser View. The background color of the table is yellow.


6.Select the menu option File | Save, and save the document as Company.html.


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