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Authentic View enables you to edit XML documents based on StyleVision Power Stylesheets (.sps files) created in Altova's StyleVision product! These stylesheets contain information that enables an XML file to be displayed graphically in Authentic View. In addition to containing display information, StyleVision Power Stylesheets also allow you to write data to the XML file. This data is dynamically processed using all the capability available to XSLT stylesheets and instantly produces the output in Authentic View.


Additionally, StyleVision Power Stylesheets can be created to display an editable XML view of a database. The StyleVision Power Stylesheet contains information for connecting to the database, displaying the data from the database in Authentic View, and writing back to the database.


The Authentic menu contains commands relevant to editing XML documents in Authentic View. For a tutorial on Authentic View, see the Authentic View Tutorials section.



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