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The XQuery section (screenshot below) defines options related to the editing and execution of XQuery and XQuery Update documents.



General XQuery options

The following options are available:


Serialization: Serialization refers to the way in which text is written to the output document. You can choose the serialization method (adaptive*, HTML, JSON, text, XHTML, or XML) and serialization encoding of the output for different types of input. Output serialization can be selected separately for XML input and JSON input. (Note: The adaptive method enables an instance document to be processed without error; It automatically determines the serialization method on the basis of the input document.)

Omit XML declaration: Omits the XML declaration in the serialized (output) document.

Indent output: Indents the output document to show the document hierarchy.

Always skip XML source: When an XQuery document is executed, XMLSpy can prompt for an XML source on which to execute the XQuery document. The prompt is a dialog that enables you to browse for the XML file. Select this option to skip this dialog and directly execute the XQuery document. If this option is selected, then the XQuery document should be able to execute correctly without being passed an XML document. This could be either because no XML document is required, or because XML data is accessed via functions within the XQuery document.

Validate XML files: Validates XML files that are used in the execution of XQuery documents. Invalid XML files are flagged, and the XQuery document is not processed.

DB2 row retrieval: In displays that show DB data, you can specify the maximum number of rows to be retrieved. XMLSpy recognizes .xqr file extensions as XQuery-for-DB files.

XQuery default version: Specifies the XQuery engine version to use for execution of XQuery documents that do not have a version keyword. This applies to both XQuery and XQuery Update documents, and selects the default XQUery Engine to use.


XQuery Update options

The following XQuery Update options are available:


Updating: When an XQuery Update file is executed, target XML files can either be updated directly on disk, or be opened in XMLSpy and updated in memory. The Open Files on Updating option enables you to review the updates and save the file to disk or reject the updates (by closing the file without saving).

Preserve original formatting: Preserves the original formatting of the updated document as much as possible.


Save and exit

After making the settings, click OK to finish.



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