Altova XMLSpy 2023 Professional Edition

Information windows that are opened in the XSLT and XQuery Debugger interface during a debugging session contain information about various aspects of the XSLT transformation or XQuery execution. This information is important in helping you debug your XSLT and XQuery files.


There are eight information windows in XSLT debugging sessions and five information windows in XQuery debugging sessions. These windows are organized into two groups by default, which are located at the bottom of the XSLT and XQuery Debugger interface (see illustration below). These windows and the information they display are described in detail in this section.


The default layout of the XSLT and XQuery Debugger interface.

The first group of information windows displays the following windows as tabs in a single window:


Context (for XSLT debugging sessions only)




The second group of information windows displays the following windows as tabs in a single window


Call Stack


Templates (for XSLT debugging sessions only)




In the default layout, therefore, there are two window groups, each having tabs for the different windows in them. One tab is active at a time. So, for example, to display information about Variables in the first information window group, click the Variables tab. This causes the Variables information window to be displayed and the Context and XPath-Watch information windows to be hidden. Note that in some tabs, you can use the information display as navigation tools: clicking an item can take you to that item in the XML, XSLT, or XQuery file. See the documentation of the respective information windows (Context, Call Stack, Templates) for details.


The two information window groups can be resized by dragging their borders. Individual windows can be dragged out of the containing group by clicking the tab name and dragging the window out of the group. A window can be added to a group by dragging its title bar onto the title bar of the group. Note that there is no reset button to return the layout to the default layout.


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