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Altova XMLSpy 2020 Professional Edition

Features that are new in XMLSpy Version 2020 are listed below.


JSON Grid View provides additional editing features: (i) automatic type detection, (ii) in-cell commands, (iii) XQuery filters for modifying the view, and (iv) XQuery formulas for generating additional output from JSON data.

Validation and editing support for JSON Lines and JSON Comments.

The Options dialog (Tools | Options) provides settings for JSON Grid View and for pretty-printing JSON documents in Text View.

The Evaluator and Expression Builder of the XPath/XQuery Window have been re-designed for ease of use.

The XPath Debugger functionality of the XPath/XQuery Window has been enhanced with a number of new features: (i) Watch expressions, (ii) improved interface for better overview, and (iii) more powerful analytics. As a result of these new features, it is even easier for you to test and debug XPath/XQuery expressions against XML and JSON files.

Previously, the default editing view of files with different filetypes was selected in the Options dialog. The default editing view can now, additionally, be chosen directly in the editing view itself.

Support for the integration of XMLSpy in Visual Studio has been extended to Visual Studio 2019.

Support for the integration of XMLSpy in Eclipse has been extended to Eclipse 4.11 and 4.12.


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