Altova XMLSpy 2023 Professional Edition


You can select a classic, light, or dark theme for the application. When a theme is active, its text display can be formatted separately for document type and view in the Options dialog.

An XMLSpy theme can also be selected for XMLSpy integrations in Eclipse and Visual Studio.

The new Altova SchemaManager component enables you to install commonly used DTDs and XML Schemas and integrate them for use with XMLSpy and other Altova products. You can access the Schema Manager dialog via the menu command Tools | XML Schema Manager.

You can now choose Microsoft Edge WebView2 as the browser to be used in Browser View. This is the newer alternative to using Internet Explorer as the browser engine in Browser View.

If you are using the newer Microsoft Edge WebView2 browser engine for Browser View, then you can use the browser engine's developer tools to debug and test your HTML code.

The HTTP Output Window has been enhanced with a log pane and information about proxy settings.

Database support has been extended to: SQLite 3.38.5.

Eclipse support has been updated to cover the following versions: 2022-09; 2022-06; 2022-03; 2021-12.


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