Altova XMLSpy 2024 Professional Edition


A new AI-Assistant (Window | AI-Assistant) offers Artificial Intelligence help with various XMLSpy tasks. After you enter your OpenAI API key in the Options dialog, you can access the AI-Assistant to request AI help with your XML-related task or your XMLSpy-related question.

In Grid View, in addition to being able to set up sibling nodes to be displayed into sibling groups of 100, 1k, or 10k nodes, you can also specify that sibling nodes be displayed without grouping.

Support has been added for the Markdown text format and the .md file extension. Text View supports the editing of Markdown files with syntax highlighting. When a text with Markdown formatting is switched from Text View to Browse View, the Markdown formatting is converted to simple HTML formatting and the document is rendered in Browse View as an HTML Page.

The HTTP output window now supports the saving and direct loading of HTTP requests.

Images in XML Schema and JSON Schema diagrams and documentation can now be generated in SVG format—additionally to them being available for generation in PNG format.

Database support has been extended to SQLite 3.38.5.

Eclipse support has been updated to cover the following versions: 2023-09; 2023-06; 2023-03; 2022-12.


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