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Other XMLSpy Entry Points in Eclipse

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In addition to the XMLSpy perspective, two other entry points in Eclipse can be used to access XMLSpy functionality:


XMLSpy menu

XMLSpy toolbar


XMLSpy menu in Eclipse

The XMLSpy menu of Eclipse contains XMLSpy commands that provide key XMLSpy functionality. These commands occur in various menus of the standalone version of XMLSpy.


At the bottom of this menu are commands to set the theme of the XMLSpy perspective in Eclipse.



XMLSpy toolbar in Eclipse

The XMLSpy toolbar in Eclipse (screenshot below) contains two buttons.


These buttons do the following:


Open the XMLSpy Help

Provide access to XMLSpy commands (as an alternative to accessing them from the XMLSpy menu, see above).


Note:Toolbar commands are not supported. If you have set up a toolbar command in XMLSpy that runs a command or script, then this toolbar command will not be available in the plug-in.


XMLSpy file formats and behavior of Eclipse views

When certain file types recognized by XMLSpy are active (in focus) in Eclipse,  the Elements, Attributes, and Entities views appear with a name that is meaningful for that format. For example, when a .css file is active, the Elements view has the name CSS Outline. The following table illustrates how view names change based on the active file:


This file format active

Elements view becomes...

Attributes view becomes...

Properties view becomes...


CSS Outline

CSS Properties

HTML Elements

.xquery, .xq

XQuery Keywords

XQuery Variables

XQuery Functions






If you close any of these views, you can restore them later using the menu command Window | Show View. Note, however, that views are displayed in this menu with their generic name (that is, Elements, Attributes, and Entities). So, for example, in order to restore the view CSS Outline, you would select Show View | Elements.


As an alternative, reset the XMLSpy perspective to its default values by clicking Window | Reset Perspective.


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