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Source Control with Git

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Support for Git as a source control system in XMLSpy is available through a third-party plug-in called GIT SCC plug-in (


At the time when this documentation is written, the GIT SCC plug-in is available for experimental use. Registration with the plug-in publisher is required in order to use the plug-in.


The GIT SCC plug-in enables you to work with a Git repository using the commands available in the Project | Source Control menu of XMLSpy. Note that the commands in the Project | Source Control menu of XMLSpy are provided by the Microsoft Source Control Plug-in API (MSSCCI API), which uses a design philosophy different from Git. As a result, the plug-in essentially mediates between "Visual Source Safe"-like functionality and Git functionality. On one hand, this means that a command such as Get latest version may not be applicable with Git. On the other hand, there are new Git-specific actions, which are available in the "Source Control Manager" dialog box provided by the plug-in (under the Project | Source Control | Source Control Manager menu of XMLSpy).


The Source Control Manager dialog box

Other commands that you will likely need to use frequently are available directly under the Project | Source Control menu.


The following sections describe the initial configuration of the plug-in, as well as the basic workflow:


Enabling Git Source Control with GIT SCC Plug-in

Adding a Project to Git Source Control

Cloning a Project from Git Source Control

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