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Assign a StyleVision Stylesheet

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The Assign a StyleVision Stylesheet command assigns a StyleVision Power Stylesheet (SPS) to an XML document to enable the viewing and editing of that XML document in Authentic View. The StyleVision Power Stylesheet that is to be assigned to the XML file must be based on the same schema as that on which the XML file is based.


To assign a StyleVision Power Stylesheet to an XML file:


1.Make the XML file the active file and select the Assign a StyleVision Stylesheet command.

2.The command opens a dialog box in which you specify the StyleVision Power Stylesheet file you wish to assign to the XML.

3.Click OK to insert the required SPS statement into your XML document. Note that you can make the path to the assigned file relative by clicking the Make path relative to check box. You can also select a file via a global resource or a URL (click the Browse button) or a file in one of the open windows in XMLSpy (click the Window button).


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<?altova_sps HTML-Orgchart.sps?>


In the example above, the StyleVision Power Stylesheet is called HTML_Orgchart.sps, and it is located in the same directory as the XML file.


Note:Previous versions of Altova products used a processing instruction with a target or name of xmlspysps, so a processing instruction would look something like <?xmlspysps HTML-Orgchart.sps?>. These older processing instructions are still valid with Authentic View in current versions of Altova products.


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