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EDI standards allow certain fields to use code values defined in external standards and recommendations. For example, the 4405 data element (EDIFACT) accepts code values from UN/EDIFACT as well as from UN/ECE Recommendation 24.


All possible code values of a field are stored in the .Codelist file. Each EDI standard has its own .Codelist file that is located in the MapForceEDI\<EDI_Standard> directory of your application folder. MapForce validates code values against the .Codelist file and raises a validation error if a field does not have any of the code values specified in the .Codelist file for that EDI standard.


To prevent the mapping process from being stopped when such errors occur, you can (i) change validation behavior in the EDI Validation Settings or (ii) set incomplete field validation (see below).


Relax field validation

The default .Codelist configuration files have incomplete validation set for the following fields: UN/EDIFACT data elements 4053, 4277, 4405, and 8179. Incomplete validation means that only the code values from the .Codelist file are considered for validation, not the code values defined externally. Incomplete validation ensures that MapForce raises a warning (instead of an error) for fields with code values from external standards, and the mapping process resumes. Incomplete validation may result in incorrect data in the output. To prevent this from happening, you should perform full field validation.


Note:Data Element 8155 can use code values from ISO 6346. For this field, MapForce performs full validation, using the ISO6346.Codelist file.


Set incomplete validation for other fields

If necessary, you can additionally customize other fields so that they have incomplete validation rules. Take the steps below:


1.Create a custom EDI Collection that will store your changes to the validation rules.

2.Open the relevant .Codelist file with an XML editor (e.g., Altova XMLSpy).

3.Find the <Field> element with the name of the relevant data element and add the Incomplete="1" attribute (highlighted yellow below):


<Field Name="F8179" Length="8" Type="Alphanumeric" Incomplete="1">
  <Title>Transport means description code</Title>
  <Description>Code specifying the means of transport.</Description>
  <Note>1 Use UN/ECE recommendation 28.</Note>
     <Value Code="1">
        <Title>Box tricycle</Title>
        <Description>Tricycle with a basket for delivering goods.</Description>


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