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Repeated split - Delimited (floating) mode

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Use the Repeated split with delimited (floating) mode in the following situations:


To split text where the separator characters that you specify must be stripped out from the resulting fragments

To split text where the separators are in-line (for example, text that doesn't contain CR/LF characters)


Note:A fragment is defined as the text between the first character after the separator, up to the last character before the next instance of the same separator. An exception to this rule are the first and last fragments, as shown in the example below.


The settings applicable to the Repeated split with delimited (floating) mode are described below.


Regular expression

This is an optional setting which splits text into fragments whenever there is a regular expression match (see Splitting Text with Regular Expressions ). The default value is "no".



Specifies the character(s) to be used as separator. The default value is "none" (no separator).


For example, using the separator "222," against the text shown below produces three separate fragments.


The first fragment contains all characters from the start of the fragment to the start of the first separator ("222,"), that is, from "111" to "Miscellaneous,".


If the separator is not the first set of characters of the first line in the fragment, as in this example, then the first fragment includes all the text up to the first instance of the separator (for example, "222").


If "111" were the separator, then the first fragment would be a zero-length string, as the separator appears at the beginning of the first line of the source fragment.


The second fragment contains the first line containing the separator 222, without the separator.


The third fragment contains the next line containing the separator 222, without the separator itself, up to the end of the text file/fragment.


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