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Altova MapForce 2020 Enterprise Edition

The tutorial will show you how to use the most common, and most powerful, features of FlexText to process a text file and map its output in various ways in MapForce.


The example uses the Flex-tutorial.txt file available in the <Documents>\Altova\MapForce2020\MapForceExamples\Tutorial\ folder. The .txt file has the following format:


Aim of the tutorial:


To separate out the records containing 111, and 222 keys, into separately mappable items.

To discard the plain text record.

To create a CSV file of the remaining records.


The tutorial is organized into the following parts:


Step 1: Create the FlexText Template

Step 2: Define Split Conditions

Step 3: Define Multiple Conditions per Container

Step 4: Create the Target MapForce Component

Step 5: Use the FlexText Template in MapForce

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