Altova MapForce 2023 Enterprise Edition

MapForce provides various ways to display the XBRL structure inside a component, by means of so-called "structure views". You can select the XBRL structure views either when you add an XBRL document to the mapping area (see Adding XBRL Files as Mapping Components), or at any time later.

To select the structure views to be shown on the XBRL component:

1.On the root element of the XBRL component, click the Show Context Menu ( XBRLComponentContextMenu ) button, and then Select Structure Views.


2.Select one or more structure views, and then click OK.


The available structure views are as follows.


Structure View


Tables from table linkbase

Shows the tables defined in the table linkbase of the taxonomy. This option is disabled if the taxonomy does not contain table definitions.


This view is conditional. To proceed, select either this check box, or the Views from presentation and definition linkbases check box.

Views from presentation and definition linkbases

Shows data from the presentation and definition linkbases. The presentation linkbase includes hierarchies and the definition linkbase includes extended link roles with hypercubes and dimensions.


This view is conditional. To proceed, select either this check box, or the Table from table linkbase check box.

All concepts (with context management)

Shows the additional node "All concepts" in the hierarchical structure. This node contains the hypercube "Dimensionless" which enables mappings of all concepts of the taxonomy regardless whether they are reported within hypercubes by means of the two default dimensions identifier and period. Automatic context handling is provided by the context node which contains all XBRL concepts of the taxonomy as children. Abstract items are not shown.


This view is optional to display.

All concepts (raw)

Shows the additional node "All concepts (raw)" which provides access to all facts of the XBRL instance without any support for automatic context handling or dimension handling. It models the raw XML structure of the concepts in the instance file. The contextRef attribute has to be mapped manually when mapping these items.


This view is optional to display.




When reading data from an XBRL component (that is, if the XBRL component is a source component), you can choose any combination of structure views from the context menu XBRLComponentContextMenu. However, when writing data to XBRL, if the Tables from table linkbase view is selected, it is not possible, for technical reasons, to write data to any other view except this one.

The Tables from table linkbase view requires that BUILT-IN be set as a transformation language.

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