Altova MapForce 2023 Enterprise Edition

The SQL Editor is used to write and execute SQL statements. It displays any SQL statements that you may have generated automatically, loaded from existing SQL scripts, or written manually. The SQL Editor supports autocompletion (see Auto-Completion), regions, and line or block comments.


The SQL Editor toolbar provides the following buttons:



Toggle Browser: Toggles the Browser pane on and off.


Toggle Result: Toggles the Result pane on and off.


Execute (F5): Clicking this button executes the SQL statements that are currently selected. If multiple statements exist and none are selected, then all are executed.


Undo: Allows you to undo an unlimited number of edits in the SQL window.


Redo: Allows you to redo previously undone commands. You can step backward and forward through the undo history using both these commands.


Import SQL file: Opens an SQL file in the SQL Editor, which can then be executed.


Export SQL file: Saves SQL queries for later use.


Open SQL script in DatabaseSpy: Starts DatabaseSpy and opens the script in the SQL Editor.


Options: Opens the Options dialog box allowing you to define general database query settings as well as SQL Editor settings.

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