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Automation with MapForce Server

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MapForce Server is an enterprise server software solution for Windows, Linux and macOS operating systems. The role of MapForce Server is to execute mappings in a server environment (including on non-Windows platforms) and with server-level performance. Any MapForce mapping where the target execution language is BUILT-IN qualifies for server execution (see also Selecting a Transformation Language). MapForce Server can operate either standalone (invoked from command line or API), or under the management of FlowForce Server.


If MapForce Server is used as a standalone product then the MapForce mapping has to be compiled and copied to the machine where MapForce Server runs. The mapping is then run using the MapForce Server command line command run. You can also run the mapping by invoking the run method of the MapForce Server API. For further information, see Compiling Mappings to MapForce Server Execution Files.


If MapForce Server runs under FlowForce Server management, the mapping can be deployed to a target machine through an HTTP (or SSL/HTTPS) connection directly from MapForce. On the server, the mapping can then be executed as a triggered or scheduled job, or through a Web service call defined from the FlowForce Server administration interface. For further information, see Deploying Mappings to FlowForce Server.


There are two editions of MapForce Server:


MapForce Server

MapForce Server Advanced Edition


MapForce Server Advanced Edition provides the same features as MapForce Server, and additionally includes optimization features for mappings which qualify for optimization. This is the case of mappings which join or filter large amounts of data, and where it is possible to apply join optimization so as to increase the execution speed. Unlike MapForce Server, MapForce Server Advanced Edition can execute mappings where node functions are present, see Defaults and Node Functions.




XML digital signatures are not supported

ADO, ADO.NET, and ODBC database connections are supported only on Windows (for other operating systems, see Preparing Mappings for Server Execution).


For more information about MapForce Server, refer to its accompanying documentation (

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