Altova MapForce 2024 Enterprise Edition

The Commands tab of the Customize dialog (screenshot below) allows you customize your menus and toolbars. You can add application commands to menus and toolbars according to your preference. Note, however, that you cannot create new application commands or menus yourself.


To add a command to a toolbar or menu, follow the instructions below:


1.Select the menu item Tools | Customize. The Customize dialog appears.
2.Select the relevant menu or the All Commands option in the Categories list box. If you select All Commands, all the available commands will appear in the Commands list box.
3.Click on a command in the Commands list box and drag it to an to an existing menu or toolbar. An I-beam appears when you place the cursor over a valid position to drop the command.
4.Release the mouse button at the position you want to insert the command.


Note the following points:


When you drag a command, a small button appears at the tip of the mouse pointer: This indicates that the command is currently being dragged.

An "x" below the pointer indicates that the command cannot be dropped at the current cursor position.

If the cursor is moved to a position at which the command can be dropped (a toolbar or menu), the "x" disappears and an I-beam indicates the valid position.

Commands can be placed in menus or toolbars. If you have created you own toolbar, you can use this customization mechanism to populate it.

Moving the cursor over a closed menu, opens that menu, allowing you to insert the command anywhere in that menu.


Adding commands to context menus

You can also add commands to context menus by dragging commands from the Commands list box into the context menu. The procedure is as follows:


1.In the Customize dialog, click the Menu tab.

2.In the Context Menu pane, select a context menu from the combo box. The selected context menu pops up.

3.In the Customize dialog, switch back to the Commands tab.

4.Drag the command you wish to create from the Commands list box and drop it into the desired location in the context menu.


Deleting a command or menu

To delete a command from a menu, context menu (see above for details of accessing context menus), or toolbar, or to delete an entire menu, follow the instructions below:


1.Open the Customize dialog (Tools | Customize).

2.With the Customize dialog open (and any tab selected), right-click a menu or a menu command and select Delete from the context menu that pops up. Alternatively, drag the menu or menu command till an "x" icon appears below the mouse pointer and then drop the menu or menu command. The menu or menu command will be deleted.


To re-instate deleted menu commands, use the mechanisms described in this section. To re-instate a deleted menu, go to Tools | Customize | Menu and click the Reset button in the Application Frame Menus pane. Alternatively, go to Tools | Customize | Toolbars, select Menu Bar, and click the Reset button.


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