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Altova MapForce 2020 Enterprise Edition

Returns the qualified name (QName) of the connected node. If the node is an XML text() node, an empty QName is returned. This function only works on those nodes that have a name. If XSLT is the target language (which calls fn:node-name), the function returns an empty sequence for nodes which have no names.


Getting a name from database tables/fields is not supported.

XBRL and Excel are not supported.

Getting a name of File input node is not supported.

WebService nodes behave like XML nodes except that:

onode-name from "part" is not supported.

onode-name from root node ("Output" or "Input") is not supported.


The MapPerson user-defined function uses node-name to return the name of the input node, and place it in the role attribute. The root node of the Employees.xsd, in the user-defined function, has been defined as "Manager".


Manager gets its data from outside the user-defined function, where it can be either: Manager, Programmer, or Support. This is the data that is then passed on to the role attribute in PersonList.

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