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Repeated split - Delimited (line starts with) mode

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Use the Repeated split with delimited (line starts with) mode to split text into multiple fragments, with the following behaviour:


This mode creates multiple fragments defined by separator characters that you enter in the Separator field.

The separator characters are included in the fragment.

A fragment is defined as the entire line, starting with the separator, up to the next line containing the same separator at the start of the line.

If the separator does not appear in the first line, then the first fragment contains the line(s) up to the first line containing the separator.


The settings applicable to the Repeated split with delimited (line starts with) mode are listed below.


Regular expression

This is an optional setting which splits text into fragments whenever there is a regular expression match (see Splitting Text with Regular Expressions ). The default value is "no".



Specifies the character(s) to be used as separator. The default value is "none" (no separator).


For example, using the separator "22" against the text below produces three separate fragments:


The first fragment contains all characters from the start of the file/fragment, including all lines up to the line containing the separator "22".


The second fragment contains all characters/lines from the first occurrence of "22", up to the next occurrence of "22", which in this case is only one line.


The third fragment contains all characters/lines from the second occurrence of "22", up to the end.


By contrast, here is what would happen if we used the delimited (line based) mode and separator as "22":


There would be six fragments, composed of lines that contained 22 anywhere in that line.

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