Altova MapForce 2024 Enterprise Edition

Version 2024


A new MapForce utility called PDF Extractor is now available (Enterprise Edition). The PDF Extractor enables you to create PDF extraction templates that you can import into MapForce and use as source components in your mappings. For more information, see PDF.

It is now possible to create AI-powered mappings in MapForce (Enterprise Edition). MapForce enables you to create REST Web service calls to an API, such as OpenAI API, Azure OpenAI API, AWS AI Services, etc. For more information about the AI functionality in MapForce, see AI and REST Web Service Calls.

Support for SWIFT 2023 (Enterprise Edition). For details, see EDI.

A new sleep function is now available, which allows passing through data after a specified delay (Professional and Enterprise editions). For more information, see sleep.

Native support has been added for MySQL and MariaDB (Professional and Enterprise editions). For more information about supported databases, see Databases.

The functionality of matching-children connections has been improved and extended to include new matching options. For details, see Matching-Children Connections.

The Client Credentials and Resource Owner Password Credentials grant types are now supported in OAuth credentials, in addition to the Authorization Code grant type (Enterprise Edition). For details, see OAuth 2.0 Credentials.

Internal updates and optimizations.


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