Altova MapForce 2023 Enterprise Edition

You can add or remove worksheets on the Excel 2007+ component, either manually, or by reloading them from an input .xlsx file. To do so, click the excel1-compicon button next to a worksheet node.


Add/Remove Excel Worksheet selections dialog box

The options applicable to worksheets are as follows.


Show Worksheets by name

This option must be selected if each worksheet in your workbook has a different layout and therefore must appear as a separate item in MapForce.


If all worksheets in your workbook have an identical structure, you can make this option inactive. This way, MapForce will collapse the worksheet items to a single item representing the ordered collection of all worksheets.


If a workbook has multiple worksheets and the Show Worksheets by name option is inactive, then MapForce treats the workbook like a single worksheet. This allows a mapping to process any number of worksheets at once, but requires that all worksheets have the same structure. See Example: Convert Excel Rows to XML Files.

Insert ( excel-inssheet )

Inserts a new worksheet before the currently selected one.

Append ( exce-appendsheet )

Appends a new worksheet. Type a name into the text field to the right of the icon.

Delete ( excel-delsh )

Deletes the currently selected worksheet.

Get New Sheets From Excel File

Gets into the component the new worksheets found in the input Excel file. This setting is relevant and enabled in source components which have an input Excel file.

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