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Comments and Processing Instructions

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This topic explains how to insert comments and processing instructions into target XML components. Note that comment and processing instruction nodes have only input connections. Comments and processing instructions cannot be defined for nodes that are part of a copy-all connection. Comments and processing instructions are defined in the W3C Specification.


Insert a comment/processing instruction

To insert a processing instruction or a comment, take the steps below:


1.Right-click an element in the component and select Add Comment/Processing Instruction Before/After. When you insert a processing instruction, you will also need to enter its name. In the example below, a processing instruction called xml-stylesheet has been inserted after the State element.
3.To supply the value of a comment or a processing instruction, you can use a constant, for example (see screenshot above).


Note:Multiple processing instructions can be added before or after any element in the target component.


Note:Only one comment can be added before and after a single target node. To create multiple comments, use the duplicate input function.


Delete a comment/processing instruction

To delete a comment/processing instruction, right-click the respective node, select Comment/Processing Instruction, then select Delete Comment/Processing Instruction in the context menu.


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