Altova MapForce 2024 Enterprise Edition

Digital signatures allow you to digitally sign an XML document with an encrypted code that can be used to verify that the XML document has not been modified. For more details about XML signatures, see the W3C Specification. MapForce supports only certificates of type RSA-SHA1 and DSA-SHA1.


MapForce supports creating XML digital signatures for XML and XBRL output files. Digital signatures are supported only in Built-In and only in the preview. Digital signatures can be embedded as the last child of the root element of the output document (Enveloped) or stored in a separate file (Detached). For more information, see XML Signature Settings. For a comparison between Detached and Enveloped options, see Detached vs Enveloped.


Note:MapForce Server does not support digital signatures.


Activate signature generation

To be able to generate digital signatures, take the following steps:


1.Open the Component Settings dialog box of the output component: Double-click the component's header or select Component | Properties.

2.Select the Create digital signature check box (see screenshot below).


3.The XML Signature Settings dialog box opens, in which you can define the required settings.


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