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Altova MapForce 2022 Enterprise Edition

Version 2022


Eclipse support has been updated and now covers the following versions: 2021-09; 2021-06; 2021-03; 2020-12 (Professional and Enterprise editions).

Copy-all connections now support JSON. This feature is available only for compatible JSON types (Enterprise Edition only).

A new StyleVision output pane called Text has been introduced. If an SPS file is attached to a component, the new plain text output format can be previewed in MapForce (Professional and Enterprise editions).

Support for JSON Schema in variables and parameters (Enterprise Edition only).

Support for NoSQL databases: MongoDB and CouchDB (Enterprise Edition only).

A new bson function library has now become available, which allows you to create and manipulate some of the BSON types (Enterprise Edition only).

Support for UN/EDIFACT D.20B and D.21A Directories. For more information, see EDI (Enterprise Edition only).

Support for SWIFT 2021. For more information, see EDI (Enterprise Edition only).


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