Altova MapForce 2023 Enterprise Edition

Changing the Order of Dimensions

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Initially, MapForce displays all dimensions of a hypercube as nested child nodes, automatically creating a hierarchy. The hierarchical order of dimensions within the hypercube can be changed to match the other (non-XBRL) side of the mapping.


Furthermore, where dimension values have to be set specifically for some concepts, MapForce is able to display a dimension, without a hierarchy, and show it as a child element of the context node.

To change the order of dimension items:

1.Click any one of the ic-dim-icon icons of the respective hypercube, and select "Change Dimension Order" entry in the popup menu.


This opens a dialog box allowing you to reposition the various dimensions of a hypercube. Note that a hypercube has two default dimensions: identifier and period whose order in the hypercube can also be changed.


2.Click the hypercube dimension and use drag-and-drop to reposition it in the dialog box. A line appears at a position where the dimension can be dropped.


3.Click OK to close the dialog and have the dimension repositioned in the component.

To exclude a dimension from the hierarchy:

Drag the dimension below the xbrli:context line, which will insert it into its context item.


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