Altova MapForce 2024 Enterprise Edition

The functions from the core | node functions library allow you to access information about nodes on a mapping component (such as the node name or annotation), or to process nillable elements, see also Nil Values / Nillable.


Be aware that there is an alternative way to access node names, which does not require node functions at all, see Mapping Node Names.


The mapping illustrated below shows a few node functions that get information from the msg:InterchangeHeader node of the source XML file. More specifically, the following information is extracted:


1.The node-name function returns the qualified name of the node, which includes the node prefix.

2.The local-name function returns just the local part.

3.The static-node-name function is similar to the node-name function, but is available in XSLT 1.0 as well.

4.The static-node-annotation function gets the element's annotation as it was defined in the XML schema.


The output of the mapping is as follows (excluding the XML and namespace declarations):


  <col4>Interchange header</col4>

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