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Property: MainMenu as Command (read-only)


Dispatch Id: 1003



This property provides information about the structure and commands available in the StyleVisionControl main menu, as a Command object. The Command object contains all available submenus of StyleVision (for example "File", "Edit", "View" etc.). To access the submenu objects, use the SubCommands property of the MainMenu property. Each submenu is also a Command object. For each submenu, you can then further iterate through their SubCommands property in order to get their corresponding child commands and separators (this technique may be used, for example, to create the application menu programmatically). Note that some menu commands act as containers ("parents") for other menu commands, in which case they also have a SubCommands property. To get the structure of all menu commands programmatically, you will likely need to create a recursive function.



public void GetStyleVisionMenus()
  // Get the main menu from the StyleVision ActiveX control assigned to the current form
  StyleVisionControlLib.StyleVisionCommand mainMenu = this.axStyleVisionControl1.MainMenu;
  // Loop through entries of the main menu (e.g. File, Edit, etc.)  
  for (int i = 0; i < mainMenu.SubCommands.Count; i++)
    StyleVisionControlLib.StyleVisionCommand menu = mainMenu.SubCommands[i];
    Console.WriteLine("{0} menu has {1} children items (including separators)", menu.Label.Replace("&", ""), menu.SubCommands.Count);

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