Altova MapForce 2024 Professional Edition

Because all events in the MapForce library are based on connection points, you can use the C# delegate mechanism to provide the custom event handlers. You will always find a complete list of events on the property page of each control of the MapForce library. The image below shows the events of the main MapForceControl:


As you can see, the example project only overrides the OnFileExternalChange event. The creation of the C# delegate is done for you by the C# Framework. All you need to do is fill in the empty event handler.


For example, the handler implementation shown below turns off any file reloading and displays a message box to inform the user that a file loaded by the MapForceControl has been changed from outside:


private void axMapForceControl_OnFileExternalChange(object sender, AxMapForceControlLib._DMapForceControlEvents_OnFileExternalChangeEvent e)


                         MessageBox.Show("Attention: The file " + e.strPath + " has been changed from outside\nbut reloading is turned off in the sample application!");


                         // This turns off any file reloading:

                         e.varRet = false;



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