Altova MapForce 2024 Professional Edition

This section lists the names and identifiers of all menu commands that are available within MapForce. Every sub-section lists the commands from the corresponding top-level menu of MapForce. The command tables are organized as follows:


The "Menu Item" column shows the command's menu text as it appears in MapForce, to make it easier for you to identify the functionality behind the command.

The "Command Name" column specifies the string that can be used to get an icon with the same name from ActiveX\Images folder of the MapForce installation directory.

The "ID" column shows the numeric identifier of the column that must be supplied as argument to methods which execute or query this command.


To execute a command, use the MapForceControl.Exec or the MapForceControlDocument.Exec methods. To query the status of a command, use the MapForceControl.QueryStatus or MapForceControlDocument.QueryStatus methods.


Depending on the edition of MapForce you have installed, some of these commands might not be supported.


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