XML Schema Flattener & Subset Creator

XML Schema subset creator

XMLSpy provides numerous advanced tools for editing XML Schemas, including the schema flattener and schema subset creator. These two features are useful in numerous applications, and in particular for creating NIEM-conformant information exchanges.

The National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) is an XML-based standard for enterprise-wide data sharing between United States government agencies and their information partners. It aims to provide a means for these entities to improve decision making, achieve greater operating efficiency, mitigate risk, improve public safety, and increase ROI through intergovernmental information exchange.

In addition to flattening schemas and creating schema subsets, the XMLSpy XML Schema editor supports extended validation of naming and coding conventions used in NIEM applications and the creation of sample values for XML instance generation.

XMLSpy is part of Altova MissionKit, the software development suite that includes full NIEM development capabilties, from UML modeling to deployment.

XML Schema Flattener

The schema flattener in XMLSpy allows schema designers to write all the dependent files that are included in a schema into one file. In the process, the components of any included schemas are added as global components of the flattened schema. This way, you can use the flattened schema without having to rely on a network connection to access the required files. This could be especially important when shipping a schema within an application.

The ability to flatten a schema helps developers working on NIEM-conformant information exchanges make their schemas available in a variety of situations where network connections may not be available.

XML Schema Subset Creator

A large schema often includes many more elements than are required for a particular application. Since having extraneous elements can increase loading and validation times, it is useful to be able to create a subset schema using only the required elements and types. This is particularly important during the development of an IEPD for a NIEM-conformant information exchange, for instance, where only a subset of elements is utilized.

XMLSpy makes schema subset creation easy by helping you select the group of items you require step-by-step and indicating the name(s) of the resulting schema file(s).

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