XSD to XML Conversion

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  • XSD to XML
  • XSD to XML instance with sample values
  • XML to XSD generation
  • Generate sample XML from XSD
  • Convert XSD between XML, databases, text files, and more

How to Generate XSD from XML

Convert XSD to XML in XMLSpy: Generate a sample XML file from XSD

During XML development, it's often necessary to generate one or more valid XML instance files from an existing XSD. Instead of starting the XSD to XML task by hand, developers can use XMLSpy to generate an XML instance as a starting point. This is also helpful for testing during the XSD development phase.

With an XSD open in XMLSpy, it's easy to create a valid XML instance file with just a few clicks to select the desired options. Comprehensive options let you generate some or all elements, specify the numbers of repeatable elements, and so forth - or simply click OK to generate based on the default configuration.

You can even have XMLSpy generate XSD to XML filled with sample values.

How to Convert XML to XSD

In addition to generating XML files, you can convert an existing XML to XSD just as easily in XMLSpy. You can generate an XSD from one or multiple XML instance files.

The Generate Schema dialog offers flexible options for generating elements, attributes, simple types, entities, and enumerations.

XML to XSD in XMLSpy

In addition to converting between XML and XSD, XMLSpy supports:

  • XML to DTD
  • DTD to XSD
  • XML to JSON
  • XSD to JSON Schema
  • Database to XSD
  • XSD to database
  • And more