XQuery Profiler

Analyze and Optimize XQuery Performance

  • Support for XQuery 1.0 and XQuery 3.1
  • Profiling based on call graph or hit count
  • Recording of detailed metrics to identify bottlenecks
  • Hit count and call graph profiling options
  • Metrics on hit count & duration
  • Hot links from results to elements
  • Chart creation for visual results
  • XQuery debugger

Profiling XQuery

XQuery Profiler in XMLSpy

In addition to the powerful XQuery debugger, XMLSpy includes an XQuery profiler for fully optimizing your XQuery code. The XQuery profiler monitors and records detailed metrics for each processing instruction executed during an XQuery execution, helping you identify and eliminate bottlenecks quickly.

The XQuery profiler includes options for monitoring a transformation based on call graph or hit count. When you execute an XQuery in XMLSpy, the profiler displays metrics including hit count, duration, and descendants’ duration. Clicking any element listed in the profiler window automatically opens its associated XQuery document and highlights the element, helping you track down issues with a single click.

Charting Profiler Results

Creating a chart from profiler results

XMLSpy will even generate a customizable chart of the results, or a subset of the results, returned by the XQuery Profiler, giving you an instant, visual representation of your XQuery performance that you can save or share with other team members. As you optimize your code and profiler data changes, the chart is updated on-the-fly.

By viewing information revealed by the XQuery profiler in this visual format, you can immediately see which parts of your code are taking the most time to process and adjust them accordingly to optimizing your XQuery documents.