JSON Editor

Edit JSON and JSON5 files with ease.

  • Intelligent JSON editor
  • Support for JSON and JSON5
  • Context sensitive entry-helpers
  • Text view with syntax coloring & source folding
  • Structural marking to match brackets / braces
  • Grid view for graphical JSON editing
  • JSON and JSON5 syntax checking

JSON Tools

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a light-weight, text-based language for data interchange. JSON is often used for serializing and transmitting structured data over a network connection and therefore is commonly used in AJAX, Web 2.0, and Web services applications. XMLSpy supports both JSON and JSON5.

The JSON editor and JSON5 editor in XMLSpy allows you to view and edit JSON files using the same intuitive Text and Grid Views available for XML editing, with useful editing guides and entry helpers. XMLSpy also makes it easy to convert XML to JSON or convert JSON to XML. Unlike any other XML editor, XMLSpy supports both JSON and XML, giving you an easy way to work with JSON in the same environment where you're developing XML, AJAX, and Web services applications, giving you the best of both worlds.

XMLSpy also includes an easy to use, graphical JSON Schema editor for developing, validating, and generating JSON Schemas. To get started on JSON or JSON5 development, you can generate a sample JSON instance from any JSON Schema.

Text View

Editing JSON with XMLSpy Text View

The JSON editor Text View provides syntax coloring, line numbering, source folding, bookmarking, and more, making it easy to navigate and understand your JSON code, and find and edit strings. When you enable intelligent JSON editing on the JSON tab of the XMLSpy Info window, the Elements entry helper window provides a dynamically built list of the elements present in your JSON file. You can insert an element from the Elements window by double clicking it, or by dragging it into your document in the editing pane.

Syntax checking and JSON Schema-based validation in the JSON editor allows you to develop valid JSON instances easily. Any errors are listed in the multi-tabbed Messages window, which also includes a hyperlink to the instance of the error in your document and the related schema.

Grid View

Grid View provides a graphical representation that shows the structure / outline of a JSON document through a set of nested containers, which can be easily expanded and collapsed to get a clear picture of the JSON document's tree-like structure. It's easy to manipulate your JSON document while analyzing its structure in a graphical manner, using advanced drag-and-drop, intelligent XML editing functions.

Easy JSON editor: Grid View

JSON <=> XML Conversion

In addition to intelligent JSON editing, the XMLSpy XML editor supports one-click conversion between XML and JSON files. This allows you to, for example, quickly convert an XML file to JSON for transport with JavaScript, or convert data received in JSON format to valid XML. You can opt to convert a single file or perform a mass JSON-to-XML conversion in the Project window.