Avro Viewer, Validator, and Schema Editor

Easy to Use Tools for Apache Avro

  • Avro View for visualizing and searching binaries
  • Tabular view of Avro instances for easy viewing
  • Avro schema validator
  • Avro data validator
  • Built-in JSON editor
  • Avro schema editing
  • Grid view for graphical Avro schema editing
  • Context sensitive entry-helpers
  • Text view with syntax coloring, source folding, & more
  • Structural marking to match brackets / braces

Why Choose XMLSpy for Avro?

Despite its widespread use as a data serialization method for big data applications, there were previously no tools available for working with Avro data visually, until XMLSpy XML editor pioneered its user-friendly Avro View.

Comprehensive Avro support includes an Avro validator for both Avro schemas and binaries, an Avro schema editor, as well as a special Avro Viewer for viewing and searching Avro binaries (.avro) graphically. XMLSpy supports both formats used to serialize Avro data: binary and JSON.

Avro Viewer

Avro Viewer

The graphical Avro Viewer in XMLSpy displays the Avro data structures in a tabular format that makes it easy to view, understand, and search the binary files.

Because Avro files are often extremely large, a Blocks pane organizes the data into groups of 1,000 that can be expanded or collapsed. To view the data in a particular block, simply double click it.

You can also view and/or save the associated Avro schema from the Blocks pane if desired.

Avro Schema Editor and Avro Validator

Avro schemas describe the structure of the corresponding Avro data and are written in JSON format. It's easy to view Avro schemas and edit them in the XMLSpy JSON editor, and you can choose to work in a text-based or graphical grid view with editing support including entry helpers, source folding, and more.

The XMLSpy Avro validator checks your Avro schema against the Avro schema spec, and it also validates data documents against their assigned Avro schema. You can also validate Avro on RaptorXML Server (below).

High-Performance Avro Validator

Altova RaptorXML Server is built for processing big data, including the enormous volume in Avro files. Designed for parallel computing, RaptorXML Server provides the hyper-performance, increased throughput, and efficient memory utilization to validate and process large amounts of Avro, XML, and JSON data.