Process JSON with XSLT & XQuery


  • Query JSON data with XPath
  • Query JSON data with XQuery
  • Transform JSON with XSLT
  • Interactive XPath/XQuery Builder Window
  • XSLT editor: XSLT for JSON

Query and Transform JSON

Though adoption of JSON is wide-spread, there is currently not a standard transformation language for JSON documents. Similarly, no particular language for querying JSON has gained significant traction.

Functionality added to XPath/XQuery 3.1 provides a means for targeting JSON maps, arrays, and objects, allowing developers a standardized way to query and transform their JSON data using these familiar languages.

Adding to the rich JSON editing and conversion features already in XMLSpy is support for querying and transforming JSON documents directly using XPath, XSLT, and XQuery.

Transform JSON with XSLT or XQuery

It's often necessary to transform a JSON document to a new format, such as HTML. Support for XSLT for JSON in XMLSpy offers an elegant solution.

The intelligent XSLT editor provides entry helpers, an XSL Outline window, and built-in XSLT transformation.


Query JSON with XQuery

The XPath/XQuery Window in XMLSpy makes it east to compose and test XPath 3.1 or XQuery 3.1 expressions against JSON data. The interactive window offers point-and-click expression building, mouse-over hints, enhanced entry helpers, ready-to-use code snippets, and more, to help you build XPath and XQuery quickly.

XQuery for JSON

Support for XSLT for JSON and XQuery for JSON help make XMLSpy the only JSON development tool you'll need.