The Altova Data Platform

Altova offers a series of developer tools, server products, enterprise solution & mobile app development tools, regulatory & legal solutions, and cloud-based apps that all have one thing in common: they are part of the Altova Data Platform that unifies data processing capabilities and application development processes across the entire enterprise infrastructure.

At its core, the Altova Data Platform provides a unified view of data that exists in any modern enterprise, no matter whether that data is tabular (SQL, Excel, CSV, etc.), hierarchical (JSON, XML, etc.), or unstructured (Big Data, Avro, BLOB, etc.). And it provides developers with the right tools to work with the data, convert the data, transform the data, and to build solutions and apps using that data that can be developed and deployed in record time, thanks to workflow servers and rapid app development capabilities.

Let’s look at how the different Altova developer tools and server products work together in the context of the Altova Data Platform.

MapForce Data Integration & ETL Platform

The MapForce platform provides comprehensive, flexible, high-performance data conversion, data integration, and ETL functionality with the lowest TCO of any solution on the market.

For over 18 years, customers have relied on MapForce for any-to-any data mapping that eliminates data silos and unleashes the value of data to empower their business.

FlowForce Workflow Automation Platform

FlowForce Workflow Automation Platform is comprised of high-performance server software for lighting fast processing of complex data.

The FlowForce Platform provides comprehensive workflow management for high-speed processing of XML, XBRL, and JSON; data transformation; data integration; and even business report and documentation generation – all with an affordable pricing model.

MobileTogether Enterprise Solution & Rapid App Development Platform

The Altova MobileTogether Platform gives developers all the tools they need for rapid development of solutions and apps for any enterprise data backend. It’s both fast and affordable for development at the speed of business.

Unlike other solutions, the MobileTogether Platform includes the backend server for solutions, so when you design and build your app with MobileTogether you’re developing the front-end app and the back-end server logic at the same time and in one environment.

Revenue Generating Opportunities for Solution Providers

Through our partner program, Altova helps solution providers and consultants leverage the Altova Data Platform to efficiently develop, customize, and deploy solutions for their clients, allowing them deliver high-quality solutions for maximum profitability.

Examples of how solution partners use the Altova Data Platform include: