JSON Viewer

View JSON Files

  • Graphical JSON viewer with tree or table view
  • Intelligent text JSON viewer with syntax coloring & source folding
  • Support for JSON and JSON5
  • Context sensitive entry-helpers
  • Structural marking to match brackets / braces
  • JSON and JSON5 syntax checking

Text JSON Viewer

It's easy to view JSON documents in XMLSpy using either the text-based JSON viewer, the graphical JSON viewer, or switching back and forth between the two. Both JSON viewer options help you understand the structure and content of the JSON document with line numbering, syntax coloring, source folding, and more.

Text JSON viewer

The text-based JSON viewer provides syntax coloring, line numbering, source folding, bookmarking, and more, making it easy to navigate and understand your JSON code, and find and edit strings. You can also take advantage of intelligent JSON editing tools.

Syntax checking and JSON validation in the JSON editor guide you in making valid JSON edits. Any errors are listed in the multi-tabbed Messages window, which also includes a hyperlink to the error in your document and the related schema, making trouble-shooting a breeze.

Grid View / Tree View

Grid View / Tree View provides a graphical representation that shows the structure / outline of a JSON document through a set of nested containers, which can be easily expanded and collapsed to get a clear view of the JSON document's tree-like structure.

It's easy to manipulate your JSON document while analyzing its structure in a graphical manner, using advanced drag-and-drop, intelligent XML editing functions. You can switch between text JSON view and tree JSON view at any time, helping you visualize the effect of every change.

Graphical JSON Viewer

Convert JSON <=> XML

In addition to intelligent JSON viewing and editing, the JSON viewer supports one-click conversion between XML and JSON files. This allows you to, for example, quickly convert an XML file to JSON for transport with JavaScript, or convert data received in JSON format to valid XML. You can opt to convert a single file or perform a mass JSON-to-XML conversion in the Project window.

Convert XML to/from JSON in XMLSpy