EPUB Editor

Edit, Validate, & Preview EPUB

  • Support for EPUB 2.x
  • Archive View for EPUB documents
  • EPUB creation and editing
  • Strong EPUB validation
  • Previewing content in Browser View
  • Editing of XML and XHTML in EPUB
  • Editing of HTML and CSS in EPUB

What is EPUB?

e-Books have revolutionized how an increasing number of people consume written content, and one of the most popular technologies for creating them is the standards-based EPUB format.

EPUB® (electronic publication) is an open standard from the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) for creating and distributing digital publications such as e-books. EPUB content is “reflowable,” which means it can be adapted to different devices used for consuming digital books and other digital publications. An EPUB document is comprised of OPS (Open Publication Structure), OPF (Open Packaging Format), OCF (Open Container Format), XHTML, CSS, SVG, image, and other file types in a single, interoperable file format for easy distribution and publication.

The EPUB editor in XMLSpy makes it easy to create, validate, and preview EPUB documents, as well as create and edit the individual files that comprise them.

EPUB Archive View

EPUB Archive in XMLSpy

The files that are encapsulated in the EPUB document are zipped, so EPUB docs open in the XMLSpy Archive View. Here, they can be validated, and the included files can be added, opened, edited, and/or deleted.

Archive View makes it easy to see the folders and files included in the EPUB document, and tool bar buttons allow you to add new folders, browse to add existing documents, create new documents based on a required file type, and delete items from the archive.

It's easy to edit files in the archive directly in XMLSpy and save them back with just a click.

Validating & Editing EPUB Docs

Double-clicking a file in Archive View will open it for editing directly in XMLSpy, which provides intelligent editing support for the various types of files used in EPUB documents, including XML, XHTML, CSS, and HTML. Any changes you make to files in the EPUB document are automatically saved back to the archive when you hit Save.

EPUB files are validated directly inside XMLSpy using EpubCheck, which checks for OCF container structure, OPF and OPS mark-up, and internal reference consistency. Any validation errors are listed for each file along with a description of the error. Clicking an error in the Message window opens the applicable file with the point of error highlighted.

EPUB Preview

Viewing EPUB after editing

Once you're ready to preview your EPUB document, simply click the Preview button on the Archive View toolbar, and your e-book will open in Browser View.