Power Your Data-driven Apps on All Platforms

MobileTogether Server is the processing powerhouse for your native iOS, Android, Windows, and browser-based apps.

MobileTogether Server is the back-end hub for your solutions and acts as a gateway between end-users and your back-end data sources and infrastructure.

MobileTogether Server

MobileTogether Server is the processing powerhouse for your native iOS, Android, Windows, and browser-based apps.

MobileTogether Server is the back-end hub for your solutions and acts as a gateway between end-users and your back-end data sources and infrastructure.

How is MobileTogether Different?

Each app you design in MobileTogether Designer builds the front-end UI as well as the back-end server logic – simultaneously. This saves weeks or even months of time and optimizes app performance considerably.

Furthermore, every app you build is simultaneously available for users on computers via the Windows or HTML5-browser client, as well as on iOS and Android mobile devices.

The MobileTogether framework includes the MobileTogether Server, which you install on premises in your organization or in the cloud infrastructure of your choice.

The high-performance MobileTogether Server powers the back-end server logic you define for your app, providing connectivity to back-end data sources, lightning fast data processing, performance-boosting caching options, and robust security options for your enterprise and app store apps.


  • High performance data processing for desktop and mobile apps
  • Comprehensive caching options
  • Roles and permissions editor
  • Granular security options
  • Instant deployment of enterprise apps
  • Data processing for app store apps
  • Flexible deployment on premises or in the cloud
  • Affordable, scalable pricing for any organization

Cross-platform Support

  • Windows Server (Desktop and Core): Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, & Windows Server 2022
  • Windows: Windows 10 and Windows 11
  • Linux: AlmaLinux 9, CentOS 7 & Stream 8; Debian 10, 11, & 12; RedHat 7, 8, & 9; Rocky Linux 9; Ubuntu 20.04, 22.04, & 24.04
  • macOS: 12 and above

How Does it Work?

MobileTogether apps are built by a developer or technical user in MobileTogether Designer and deployed to your organization’s MobileTogether Server. Here your app can be accessed by end users in one of two ways:

In all scenarios, your MobileTogether Server provides back end data connectivity, data processing, and security functions for your apps.

Supported Platforms:

  • Android
  • iOS (iPhone, iPad)
  • Windows 10 & 11
  • HTML5 browser for other users

High Performance App Server

MobileTogether Server increases the speed and performance of mobile devices and computers running your app by doing all the heavy lifting for complex queries and calculations on the server itself - meaning that the results are displayed on the end-user device much faster.

This allows the end user's device to devote resources to other processes, decreasing load time and saving memory space.

  • Granular caching options
  • Embed-XML-in-Design-File option reduces data transfer between client/server
  • Utilizing XQuery to reduce amount of data transferred
  • Persistent data storage on client devices
  • Keep-Data-on-Server setting (e.g., calculating a chart on the server but only sending an image of the results to the client)
  • Parallel processing of multiple solutions

Caching options

MobileTogether Server comes with built-in caching for results of complex data retrievals. Your users don’t need to wait until the database or web service query, which can take minutes or even hours to execute, completes. Simply configure the frequency of updates for cached data, and users will always get the result of last update instantaneously.

Caching behavior for all data sources is highly customizable based on the needs of your solution. MobileTogether contains more than just the usual caching parameters such as expiry and refresh time. You can manually determine the amount of time that passes before caching again and how many unique combinations of multiple query parameters that should automatically be cached. A client requesting the data will now immediately get it from the cache, whereas the server will retrieve it only if the cache time has elapsed. These options boost performance considerably.

Customizeable MobileTogether caching

Embed-XML-in-design-file option

This option is perfect for smaller data sets that are needed on the client side, such as a list of choices for a combo-box or other static data.

The embedded data is transmitted to the client as a part of the overall design file and is always instantly available on the client side every time you run the app. No additional data transfers between client and server are needed.

XQuery boosts performance

By utilizing XQuery expressions when you build your app in MobileTogether Designer, you can significantly reduce the amount of data being transferred between the server and client.

Database views, queries, or calls to external data sources return raw data that may not be structured ideally. XQuery’s powerful FLWOR expressions allow you to easily restructure and regroup the data, or create a subset of the data, for the most efficient transfer from server to client and optimal presentation in the app.

Persistent data storage on device

When building an app, you can opt to store user-entered data and data that doesn’t change frequently on each client device to reduce the amount of data being transferred between the server and client.

It also provides a performance boost by reducing the round-trip time between server and client—even between different sessions of the same user that may be being hours apart.

Keep data on server setting

To reduce the amount of data transmitted over the mobile data network—which improves the performance of any app—MobileTogether lets you select exactly which data you want to transmit to the client devices and which data to keep on the server.

Keep data on the app server setting

For example, if a certain data set is only necessary to display a graph, then that data can be kept on the MobileTogether Server. The graph will be rendered by the server and just an image of the graph will be transmitted to the client.


These powerful options let you build the most sophisticated data-driven apps possible while delivering optimal performance to end users.

Powering Enterprise Apps

MobileTogether Server provides unique functionality for both enterprise apps and individual apps deployed to the app stores (see below).

Once you build an enterprise app in MobileTogether Designer, it is deployed to your MobileTogether Server, where end users can access it instantly. They simply download the free MobileTogether client for and connect your server to work with one or multiple apps running on your server. MobileTogether clients are available for iOS, Android, Windows, and any web browser – talk about BYOD access.

In addition to high performance features, MobileTogether Server offers granular security options for enterprise apps.

App Security

MobileTogether Server offers robust and granular security options when required for enterprise and app store apps, both on a per-server and per-app basis.

An easy-to-use web interface and permissions editor allows you to enable and manage:

  • User and roles definition for app developers and end users
  • User, role, and device management
  • User authentication
  • Authentication via passwords, LDAP, or Active Directory integration
  • SSL encryption
  • Full support for requesting/installing Let's Encrypt SSL certificates

Role-based permissions

Role-based permissions give the app developer or server administrator full control over access to any particular app, part of an app, or to an entire directory of enterprise apps on user and role permissions defined on MobileTogether Server.

For instance, users in the “Executive” role might see additional data and charts in a sales reporting app compared to those with the role “Manager” accessing the same app.

Data Processing for App Store Apps

Developers may wish to deploy their MobileTogether apps to the various app stores to allow users to install them individually. MobileTogether Designer will autogenerate code for native iOS, Android, and Windows apps that still take advantage of the high-performance functionality driven by MobileTogether Server, including data connectivity, data processing, sophisticated caching options, and more.

Services – UI-less Solutions Run on the Server

MobileTogether apps can be powered by services, which are solutions with no UI that are built in MobileTogether Designer and run on the customer’s MobileTogether Server based on predefined triggers to provide background functionality to other apps.

On the server, it’s easy to define time triggers, file system events, and so on to trigger a service to run.

For instance, a service could be defined to monitor the Orders table in a sales database and trigger an action - such as sending a notification in an app, sending email to one or more recipients, and so forth - when an order arrives in the table.

Another example is using a service to check XML feeds from a web site and send a notification to users when updates or changes are available.

Services provide background functionality to other apps

Services offer MobileTogether developers another layer of sophistication for adding real-time functionality to apps.

Please note that services require use of the MobileTogether Server Advanced Edition.

Statistics App

The MobileTogether Server installation includes a powerful app for the server administrator that displays various statistics about individual apps running on that server.

The Statistics app presents stats and charts on numbers of users, devices, app starts, server requests, and more, in a selected time frame. Granular filters allow you to view these stats per operating system, device type, or manufacturer; per app; and so on. You can also see stats on request counts and app starts.

Statistics on your app performance

This app makes it easy to get an accurate view of the usage and popularity of each app on your MobileTogether Server.

Affordable Pricing

Free Designer, Free Apps

The MobileTogether Designer development environment is a free download for an unlimited number of developers in your organization. The MobileTogether Mobile Apps for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 and 11 are also free in their respective app stores.

Unlimited Apps, Unlimited Devices

MobileTogether Server is available for a free, 30-day trial.

When you are ready to purchase, it is sold as an annual license and purchased per server core (starting at $1000/year for 1 core). That's right: $1000 annually for an unlimited number of apps, and an unlimited number of users.

While there's no limit to the number of users or number of apps that you can run on the mobile app server, you may need to scale the server machine depending on actual load to provide optimal performance for larger numbers of users. But the starting price is perfect for most initial deployments.

We've coupled this highly-affordable pricing with robust app development functionality to make MobileTogether the most accessible - and most sophisticated - framework for developing and deploying data-centric apps for all platforms.