XMLSpy Video Demos

Check out these XMLSpy demo videos that present some of the more advanced features of the product.

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Length: 08:04 (mm:ss)

Intro to XMLSpy

In this intro to XMLSpy, you'll learn about all the functionality available for working with XML, JSON, and supporting technologies, as well as learn how to get started with some common development tasks.

Length: 06:38 (mm:ss)

XML Editor: Grid View

XML Grid View in XMLSpy has been completely rebuilt - from scratch - to add powerful new functionality like filters and formulas, charts, automatic image viewing, and more. See how working in this graphical view can take your XML editing to the next level.

Length: 10:08 (mm:ss)

JSON Grid Editor

Learn how the revolutionary JSON Grid Editor in XMLSpy will speed up and simplify your JSON editing projects, and how features like filters, formulas, and JSON charts will help you get more value from your JSON data than ever before.

Length: 04:18 (mm:ss)

Querying JSON with XSLT and XPath

Despite the growing popularity of JSON, there isn't a widely used language for querying and transforming JSON data. Luckily, functionality added to XPath/XQuery 3.1 provides a means for targeting JSON maps, arrays, and objects, offering a standardized way to query and transform JSON data using these familiar languages. Learn how to do this using the intelligent editors and builders in XMLSpy.

Length: 03:05 (mm:ss)

How to Compare XML Files

Learn to use XMLSpy and DiffDog to compare XML files using XML-aware diff functionality. 2- and 3- way file comparisons are supported.

Length: 02:40 (mm:ss)

XSLT and XQuery Back-mapping

For targeted debugging, XSLT and XQuery back-mapping lets you easily identify which source nodes and instructions produce a particular part of your output document via an easy point-and-click interface. When you click on a node in the result document, the XSLT instruction and the XML source data that generated that particular result node will be highlighted.

Length: 07:41 (mm:ss)

XPath and XQuery Tutorial for SQL Pros

Find out how fast it is to learn XPath and XQuery if you're familiar with SQL and see how the interactive XPath/XQuery editors, builders, and debuggers in XMLSpy make it easy.

Length: 04:06 (mm:ss)

XPath Editing and Testing Tools

See a demo of the tools XMLSpy provides for building, editing, and testing your XPath expressions and learn how these unique tools can save you time and frustration.

Length: 09:13 (mm:ss)

XQuery Update Facility Editor

XQuery Update Facility makes it possible to overcome the limitations of find / replace to make intelligent modifications to your XML documents. XMLSpy has a unique implementation of this technology. Learn more and see how it works.

Length: 04:50 (mm:ss)

XBRL Table Linkbase Editor

Learn how the graphical XBRL Table Linkbase editor in XMLSpy makes it easy to define XBRL tables for the presentation of multi-dimensional XBRL data.

Length: 08:00 (mm:ss)

XBRL Formula Editor

See a demo of the graphical XBRL Formula editor. Watch how you can define assertions and formulas using a point-and-click, graphical interface, and then execute them directly in XMLSpy.

New Features

Length: 05:16 (mm:ss)

New in Version 2023 Release 2

See new XMLSpy features, including split mode in Grid View and new XPath/XQuery tools, in action in this quick demo video.