WSDL Editor

Create, Edit, Validate, and Document WSDL Files

  • Graphical WSDL design, editing, and validation
  • Create WSDL documents visually
  • Support for WSDL 1.1 and 2.0
  • One-click WSDL 1.1 <=> 2.0 conversion
  • Drag-and-drop editing
  • Context-sensitive entry helpers
  • WSDL documentation generation
  • Integrated XML Schema (XSD) editor

WSDL Editor

Editing a WSDL with XMLSpy

The graphical WSDL editor in XMLSpy makes it easy to create, edit, validate, and document WSDL files.

Despite the advantages of WSDL for facilitating simplified, standards-based communications, WSDL syntax can be complex, and writing the code by hand in a text-only editor is often difficult and confusing. XMLSpy’s unique graphical approach to WSDL design simplifies WSDL development by allowing you to build your WSDL visually, with drag-and-drop functionality and full validation and editing guidance. Complete WSDL code is generated behind the scenes based on your graphical design, and you can view and edit the code in Text View at any time.

The XMLSpy WSDL editor also includes WSDL documentation generation that can be used to produce documentation for any WSDL file, including auto-generated WSDL files used by various server platforms.

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