XML to JSON Converter

  • Transform JSON to XML
  • Transform XML to JSON
  • XSD to JSON Schema
  • JSON Schema to XSD
  • JSON and JSON5 conversion
  • Convert one or many files
  • One-click conversion with XMLSpy
  • XML-JSON data mapping with MapForce

Convert XML to JSON

Both XML and JSON are popular standards for capturing and describing structured and unstructured data. JSON is well suited for storing or transmitting data efficiently with very little overhead, whereas XML offers a rich environment that includes entities and a mechanism to support metadata and extensibility.

The ability to work seamlessly with XML and JSON in a single development environment is a huge time saver, especially when it makes sense to convert existing data.

In addition to powerful conversion utilities, XMLSpy includes a powerful JSON editor and XML editor, as well as support for working with XPath, XSLT, and XQuery alongside XML and JSON.

One-click XML to JSON converter in XMLSpy

You can convert a single file or perform a mass XML to JSON conversion on a large number of XML files instantly. Simply right-click the desired folder in the Project window.

Numerous options make it easy to customize how you want the conversion to proceed.

Convert multiple XML files to JSON quickly in XMLSpy


All the XML to JSON transformation functionality described above is also available for converting JSON to XML. You can either convert instance files or transform a JSON Schema to XSD. When converting between schema formats, you can even generate a sample XML or JSON instance file.

Transform XML and JSON with MapForce

Graphical, Any-to-Any Data Converter

  • Drag and drop data mapping
  • XML to JSON converter
  • JSON to XML converter
  • Convert CSV, Excel, EDI, databases, Protobuf...
  • Powerful data processing function library
  • Visual Function Builder
  • Transform XML to JSON instantly
  • Automate JSON / XML transformation with MapForce Server

When do I choose MapForce?

Transform XML to JSON with MapForce

When more complex or recurrent XML and JSON data conversion is required - or if you need to convert JSON and XML between other data formats - MapForce is the tool for the job. An any-to-any data transformation tool, MapForce supports XML, JSON, and myriad other data formats as inputs and outputs for powerful data transformations. You can even combine multiple source or target types, for instance, to map XML and database data to a JSON output file.

Simply drag and drop to define your data conversion rules and choose from a comprehensive library of data processing functions and filters. Or, build your own with the visual function builder.

For the ultimate flexiblity, MapForce supports any-to-many data mapping as well as chained mappings.

Once your mapping is defined, you can view and save the output immediately, or automate the conversion via the high-performance MapForce Server software.

Map and transform XML and JSON data

Learn about tools to convert XML to JSON in MapForce

Get XMLSpy and MapForce in the MissionKit Tool Suite

XMLSpy and MapForce are both well-suited for converting between XML and JSON in different scenarios. Now, you can get both of these tools in the specially-priced Altova MissionKit. When you download the MissionKit, you'll get both XMLSpy AND MapForce - plus 5 other development software products - for less than the price of two.