Altova RecordsManager

Create custom database apps for desktop and mobile users

Altova RecordsManager® makes it possible to build business database solutions in record time using AI and a powerful visual design interface.

Create custom database apps for desktop and mobile users

Altova RecordsManager® makes it possible to build business database solutions in record time using AI and a powerful visual design interface.

Create Your Database Solution with AI

Create Your Database App with AI

For instant database creation with zero design required, RecordsManager includes an AI Assistant for generating fully-featured databases based on natural language prompts. The RecordsManager AI Assistant can create a database in response to simple or complex prompts. It even generates forms for displaying and entering data, display filters, and reports with charts and graphs to correspond to the structure of the AI-generated database.

After reviewing your AI-created solution, you can modify its structure with subsequent AI prompts or using the straightforward visual tools in RecordsManager.

Why Choose Altova RecordsManager?

  • Create any custom database app
  • No coding or database development required
  • Generates databases instantly using AI Assistant
  • Build apps fast thanks to visual design interface
  • Offer desktop and laptop access via native Windows client or web browser
  • Offer native Android and iOS apps for users on-the-go
  • Easy to use, flexible forms editor for displaying and entering data
  • Flexible data import/export
  • Configure structure of all components as needed - even after data is entered
  • Assist users with editing help, change tracking, and offline use
  • Templates, pre-filled values, and data validation guide data entry
  • Granular roles and permissions options for managing user access
  • Built-in reminders and alert groups
  • Target international audiences with localization in English, German, Spanish, French
  • Generate data reports with charts
  • Scale easily and affordably
  • Host on premises or in the cloud

Build Custom Apps without Coding

The explosion of specialized apps in recent years has uncovered the power of custom apps for enhancing access to critical data and driving productivity.

However, custom apps can be complicated to create and require specialized developers who are in increasingly short supply. RecordsManager accelerates the creation of database driven apps by removing the need for backend development and manual coding. In addition to support for AI-powered database generation, its visual design paradigm lets you focus on the business objects you need to model so you can get your app in users’ hands quickly.

Powerful features and shortcuts cut down on development time as you refine and link the repositories, data containers, forms, fields, and filters that drive your app. It’s easy to add powerful data and business logic validation, granular search tools, reminders, reports and more.

That’s it – the rest of the work is done for you by RecordsManager behind the scenes.

Using Visual App Design Tools in RecordsManager

Multi-Platform, Mobile-Friendly Apps

As you concentrate on a single design, apps you build in RecordsManager are automatically optimized for desktop and mobile devices for a flexible rollout that can be hosted on premises, in a private or public cloud environment, or in the Altova Cloud.

How Does it Work?

Altova RecordsManager has a visual design interface for creating database apps. Whether you start with AI or create your database from scratch, each app will include one or more repositories. The hierarchical structure within a repository is constructed by creating data containers and then defining parent–child relationships or loose links between data containers. You can add any number of top-level data containers, and then define one or more child containers within each container.

Data containers have a set of definitions that include fields, filters, and forms.

Create database apps with RecordsManager

Built into the app design functionality in RecordsManager are a plethora of features that make your apps beautiful and easy-to-use once they’re deployed. These include:

  • Color themes and an image library
  • Data validation and customizable hints
  • Search options
  • Editing hints
  • Predefined form value options
  • Pre-filled fields based on previous updates
  • Change tracking
  • Built in reminders
  • Offline use
  • And more

Admin Tools

In addition to flexible options for designing the database and its look and feel, the RecordsManager admin has access to a host of tools for precisely managing users, roles, and permissions that define access to various portions of the app.

Flexible Deployment Options

Host in the Altova Cloud

This is option is most appropriate when you’re developing an app for a single customer. You can host your app in the Altova Cloud and purchase a license for each user.

Pricing in the Altova Cloud is $25/month per end user.

Manage Hosting on Premises or in the Cloud

For apps with more than one customer or those with a large number of users, you may wish to host the app yourself either on premises or in a cloud environment. This option involves purchasing Altova MobileTogether Server software, which can scale easily and affordably as adoption of your app grows. A starting MobileTogether Server configuration starts at $3,600 per year.

Your app will be available to users on any desktop computer via web browser, with on-the-go access provided via native iOS and Android apps.

Learn more about these aspects of building an app in RecordsManager:

Get Started with RecordsManager

RecordsManager is a free, pre-built MobileTogether solution that is available for you to start using when you install MobileTogether Designer. Use the link below to download and install the free Altova MobileTogether Designer to get started on your first RecordsManager app.