JSON Schema Editor and Generator

Enterprise-grade, graphical JSON schema tools

  • Graphical JSON Schema editing
  • JSON Schema draft-04, draft-06, or draft-07
  • XML Schema <=> JSON Schema conversion
  • JSON Schema validation
  • Context sensitive entry-helpers
  • JSON Schema generator
  • Generate JSON Schema from JSON instance
  • Generate JSON instance from JSON Schema
  • Schema-based validation & intelligent JSON instance editor
  • AI Assistant for generating JSON schemas, instances, data, etc.

JSON Schema Generator

XMLSpy JSON Schema Generator

To jumpstart JSON Schema development, you can use the JSON Schema generator to create a valid schema based an existing XML Schema or JSON instance document. This functionality makes it easy to:

  • Generate JSON Schema from XSD
  • Generate XSD from JSON Schema
  • Generating a JSON Schema from a JSON instance
  • Convert XSD to JSON Schema
  • Convert JSON Schema to XSD

Before generating your JSON Schema, you can select which version of the spec to conform to, decide how to handle tuples, and more, helping you customize the end result as much as possible. Once it's created, you can edit the JSON Schema further, as required.

You can also take advantage of the AI Assistant in XMLSpy to generate a JSON Schema for you, either based on an existing instance or just a natural language prompt. This is a huge time saver!

JSON Schema Editor

Graphical JSON Schema Editor in XMLSpy

Just as XMLSpy pioneered the first graphical XML Schema editor, it now also includes the first enterprise-grade, graphical JSON Schema editor with the same cutting-edge functionality.

JSON Schema View will be immediately familiar to XMLSpy customers who’ve used XML Schema View and are now learning to design JSON Schemas, while at the same time being easy to comprehend for new users.

Working with JSON Schema

You can start from scratch with a new schema document in XMLSpy, or generate a JSON Schema from an existing JSON instance or XSD, and customize it as required.

In JSON Schema View, you can toggle between the Definitions Overview Grid and Design View for each node as you work. The Definitions Overview shows the current document's main schema (listed as "Document Schema"), plus any definitions that you add to the schema. Here you can add and delete definitions, as well as modify their properties.

The Overview, Details, and Constraints entry helper windows are available in both the Definitions Overview and Design View, making it easy to instantly visualize information about the schema and its definitions, and enter information and values related to definitions.

Clicking the tree icon next to any definition in the Definitions Overview opens it for further viewing and editing in Design View, which is shown above.

XMLSpy Graphical JSON Schema Validator

JSON Schema Design

Clicking the tree icon next to any global component opens the detailed graphical view of its content model in Design View. Here, you can specify the structure and allowed values of individual global definitions. The JSON Schema editor makes it easy with drag and drop editing to re-arrange definitions, easy-to-understand entry helper windows, and a right-click context menu that offers valid choices.

As you work, strong validation of JSON Schemas is provided with hot-linked error messages listed in the interactive Messages window.

If you are new to JSON Schema editing, more detailed information is provided in the XMLSpy Help file.