HTML Editor

HTML5 editor

HTML Editor Features:

  • HTML4, HTML5, and XHTML support
  • Syntax coloring, line numbering, & bookmarking
  • Code completion & context-sensitive entry helpers
  • Integrated HTML browser view
  • CSS2.1 and CSS3 editor
  • Project management functionality
  • Integration with major source & version control systems

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HTML4 and HTML5 Editor

XMLSpy provides intelligent support for editing HTML4 and HTML5 pages and testing them using its integrated Browser View.

The advanced Text View of XMLSpy provides numerous helpful HTML editing features, including syntax coloring, line numbering, bookmarks, code completion, and context-sensitive entry helper windows and menus to provide relevant editing guidance as you type.

As you’re working, the integrated Browser View in the HTML editor allows you to view your HTML code and the resulting Web page side-by-side, so you can see the results of your edits immediately. In addition to viewing the Web page in XMLSpy, you can instantly open the active file in your choice of browser for quick multi-browser testing. The HTML editor Info Window will list all browsers currently installed on your system, and you can manually add other applications if required.

XHTML Editor

XHTML is HTML defined as an XML application, so of course XMLSpy provides numerous useful features for editing XHTML files. In fact, an XHTML document can be edited exactly like an XML document in Text View or Grid View, with access to intelligent XML editing functionality, DTD and XML Schema assignment, strong validation, and more, to help you develop XHTML pages and apps as easily as possible.

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