CSS Editor

CSS 3 editor

XMLSpy CSS Features:

  • CSS2.1 and CSS3 editing
  • Syntax coloring and line numbering
  • Source folding and bookmarking
  • Code completion and context-sensitive entry helpers
  • Element and property screen tips
  • Integrated Web browser view
  • HTML editor for HTML4, HTML5, and XHTML
  • Project management functionality
  • Integration with major source and version control systems

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CSS2.1 and CSS3 Editor

The XMLSpy CSS editor is a true productivity enhancer for developers creating XML-based Web sites, advanced HTML5 apps, and more, because you can complete your CSS editing tasks in the same environment where you develop HTML code and/or XSLT transformations, using the same user-friendly, intelligent entry helpers and options.

The CSS editor provides entry helper windows including the CSS Outline, which lists the outline of the stylesheet in terms of its selectors listed in collapsible groups. Clicking a selector highlights it in the current document. The CSS Properties and HTML Elements entry helpers provide easy-to-navigate lists of properties and elements, and double clicking a selection inserts it at your current location in the CSS stylesheet.

XMLSpy's integrated Browser View lets you see the results of your edits immediately, and you can quickly open the resulting HTML page in other installed Web browsers directly from XMLSpy to test compatibility.

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